So how can I submit?

Our magazine has multiple avenues for you to share your art. You can submit to our gallery or write us an article, both of which will be featured in our online magazine. Read about each option below!

The Gallery

Current Prompt: Summer

Deadline: May 20th, 2022

Updated quarterly, our online gallery is a collection of work by talented artists, all under 21. The Gallery may have a prompt, or be open to all subject matter. 

YAM's submission deadlines will change depending on the current issue. Deadlines can be found on this page and our social media pages. Please only submit within this timeframe and make sure your piece follows the prompt, if there is one. Follow our social media or subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please follow our gallery’s current prompt! It will always be listed here and on our gallery page.

  • Photograph your artwork well. We want to show off the best parts of your stunning work! Please crop out any background table and make sure the image is well-lit and not blurry.

  • At this time, we ask that you submit no fan art of characters you do not own. You can read more about why under our FAQ.

  • Please do not submit blurry photographs, keep them clear and crisp, so our readers can appreciate your work! Intentional blur for photography done in an artistic manner is allowed, if you’re unsure just email us, and we’ll let you know

  • All 3D sculpture work must have a flat color background when photographed.

Please include in your email submission:

  • 1-3 works that are well-photographed for 2D submissions

  • 1-2 works for photography submissions

  • 1-2 photographs of your 3d/sculptural work

  • Your first and last name (or initial)

  • Your age

  • Your social media handles (if you’d like us to tag you)

  • The titles of your works (If untitled, write “Untitled”)

  • The medium; what you made your pieces with

  • A 100 word or less bio, tell us about yourself! If you’ve submitted your work to us before, send us a brief (100 words or less) statement about the work you sent in

By submitting you allow us to publish your work on our social media pages, our website, and in our online magazine. All rights remain with you, the artist. 


Write an Article

Are you an expert in a certain media? Are you working on a fascinating series of paintings or sculptures? Then writing an article sounds like the thing for you! Anyone can write an article, even if you’re not a “young” artist. All ages are welcome to participate here. The aim is to share knowledge; as teens and young adults, it can be difficult to expand your artistic knowledge alone. Our magazine aims to cover everything from discussing artists’ works more in depth, to tutorials, even interviews with popular artists!

Articles will be published on our blog, the Artist’s Archive, and in the online PDF of Young Artist’s Magazine. Articles can be relevant to our gallery’s theme, but it isn’t required.

Kinds of Articles we are looking for:

  • Interviews with artists

  • Discussion about your work

  • Advice column for young, aspiring artists

  •  A tutorial or how-to on your favorite medium

  • A short essay on a historical artist

  • Anything else you’d like to write about!

If you have a good idea for an article, submit it below. Once your idea is approved, we ask for a 500-3,000 word article regarding your topic, along with 3-6 photos that are good quality and relevant. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us via email!


Who Can Submit to Young Artist’s Magazine?

It’s the goal of our online magazine to promote young artists especially, because of this we ask that all artists submitting to the Gallery are no older than 21. Our articles have no age cap so that artists of any age can share their experiences as well!


Other guidelines:

  • There is no minimum age

  • We accept all mediums

  • All subject matter is allowed, with the exception of fan art, and we can refuse anything excessively lewd

  • Have fun, be safe, and keep creating!

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