Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is Y.A.M.?

The Young Artist’s Magazine, or Y.A.M., is an online magazine geared towards young artists. Started in 2020, our goal is to promote artists free of charge and provide helpful articles to help you learn more about the art world. Many online art magazines have pesky paywalls, or prohibit artists under 18 entirely. We want to help you share your art with the world without worrying about costs. Whether you’re a hobby artist, a beginner, or a professional, Y.A.M.’s here to help!

How can I submit?

Our magazine has multiple avenues for you to express yourself and share your art. The biggest one is our Gallery, refreshed bi-monthly, the Gallery features works that follow a theme. To submit you can find more info on our Gallery page. We also have opportunities through competitions, articles, and featured artists. See Submission Guidelines for more info.

Can I write an article for Y.A.M.?

Sure you can! In order to share the most artistic knowledge possible, writing an article for us is open to artists of all ages. We’re looking for people who are passionate about what they do, or feel that they have valuable tips and experience to share. Articles must be between 500-3,000 words and feature 3-8 images. Articles will be shared on our blog, the Artist’s Archive, and in the PDF of our online magazine. If you’d like to propose an article idea or learn more, visit our Submission Guidelines.

Do you accept photography?


Yes! YAM is officially accepting photography starting with our September 2020 issue. We ask that all photography be well-lit, not blurry, and contains no lewd subject matter. Photography will be displayed in our online Gallery, separate from the 2D works. We ask that all photography follow our theme as well, if the gallery has one that month.

Do you accept fan art?

We ask that no fan art of characters is submitted, we want to avoid copyright infringement while also promoting original work and design! Pieces done of celebrities and their likeness are acceptable. If you submit artwork of characters you don’t own, unfortunately we won’t be able to include it!

Who retains the rights to my work?

Why, you do! Artists retain 100% of the rights to their work and any profits made. YAM makes no profits, we’re just here to provide an avenue to share your artwork and gain exposure!

Do you ever plan to make a physical magazine?

We do! Unfortunately it isn’t feasible for us to make paper copies of our magazine at the moment, but it’s something we hope to do eventually. If YAM garners enough interest, we definitely hope to make a small zine. You can help us get there by submitting work, following us on Instagram, and sharing YAM with friends and family!

Can I submit more than once?

Yes, you can submit for every issue if you’d like. We ask that you don’t submit the same works more than once though. If you do submit in more than one issue, please send us a description/statement for your work instead of an artist’s bio.

How do I write my artist’s bio?

In your 100 word or less artist bio we ask that you write about yourself and your work. Please write it in the 3rd person (no I’s or me) and discuss your age, when you became interested in art, and what kind of art you make now. You can even talk about where you’d like to take your art career if you’d like! This article by the Artwork Archive describes how to write an artist bio in detail, we’re obviously looking for a condensed version of this!

What is YAM’s Historical Artist of the Month?

Here at Yam we believe art history is incredibly important to contemporary art making. In every issue of our magazine we feature a “Historical Artist of the Month,” this is a deceased artist who has had a significant impact on art and its history. We try to make sure that the artist and their subject matter aligns with the issue’s prompt. If you’d like to nominate an artist, contact us on Instagram!

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